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"Our session was more powerful than I even realized in the moment- and it was powerful then! It took my mind from what i perceived as my biggest obstacle to identifying some actual obstacle that run far deeper. What a fulfilling session. I can’t wait for our next session!” - Anne


When I called Emily, I was at a very difficult point with my 9 year old son.  I felt that neither of us were hearing each other and our communication and relationship were at an all-time low.  I was very discouraged, frustrated, sad.  When I met with Emily, she asked me general and then specific questions about examples and she really gave me a way forward.  As examples were broken down, she showed me another way of working through them to validate my son and she also helped me realize that I could let go of some things that were getting in the way of our relationship that weren’t as important as I was making them.  In short, she was incredibly kind and loving while still making sure that we dealt with the issues at hand.  I got very usable help that is making my relationship with my son better.  Thank you, Emily!  - Antonietta 


"The skills from our sessions are matching with my life needs perfectly. Your coaching really is helping me find my true self, the woman that God made me to be. I am so thankful and excited to be part of this process with you guiding me. I know it wasn’t by accident.” - Anonymous


Emily is caring, compassionate and insightful. She is a wonderful listener and pulls out important details to focus and work on. I am grateful for the insight she provided in encouraging me to listen to and trust my inner voice. She helped me sift through and define issues that are mine and issues belonging to other people. I am forever grateful to Emily for starting me on my journey to know myself better! - Iris


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