I believe it is time for you to shine!

Coaching with me is customized, organic, and fluid. There is no one size fits all approach.


What can you expect from working with me?

Clarity and confidence about where you are going.

Positive mindset and an attitude of gratitude.

The ability to make value based choices, resulting in more time for what you love.

How to identify quality relationships that fill you up.

True happiness living a life that is designed by you for you.

The knowledge that you won’t wake up someday and wish you did it all differently.

I have personally experienced these results. Let me show you how to get there! 


One on One Coaching Session

Clarity Session

Provided one session at a time. 

1 hour phone/skype/in-person session.

Clarify areas where you may be stuck and create achievable goals around those areas.

This session includes a post session exercise & feedback email to enrich the session.

Investment $315

One on One Coaching Engagements

3 or 6 month engagement

Ready to live the life that you are dreaming of? 

12/24  hours of phone/skype/in-person sessions to be banked and used as you desire during the 90 /180 days.

Constant real time email and text connection for real time questions and feedback.

Personally selected reading, videos and exercises to enrich the work we do in our sessions.

6 month engagement – This longer period yields more extensive and sustainable results.

Investment 3 months $3,500

Investment 6 months $6,500


1 Day Intensive

Do you want results soon?

There’s something really incredible about a woman giving herself an entire day,
don’t you think?

When is the last time you had a day just for you and your desires? 

You can give yourself this gift now!

We will be meeting in a luxury location in Colorado Springs where you will get uninterrupted time and attention.

You will leave your session with the clarity you need on how to get the life you’re looking for. We will fit in 90 days of coaching in one day and you will leave with the mindset you need to implement changes in your life! 

This engagement includes a 2-week post phone session with me for further clarity and implementation work.

Gourmet lunch included.

Investment $3,000


So if you know this is for you, don’t hesitate, contact me today!

Not sure this is for you, yet…

Schedule a complimentary 30 min one on one discovery session today! Let’s see if we are a good fit!

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